Monday, February 26, 2007


Insanely Busy February!

As part of the Art in Public Places run by Hobson's Bay City Council, I have created more of my retro pin-ups to be exhibited.

They’re going to be displayed during the Williamstown festival at the Iceberg bar, Nelson Place. There are about 40 artists doing the same thing but exhibiting in different locations around the area.

And here's the line-up:

Tatts Baby 20" x 32" : $480

Kool-Kat 20" x 32" : $480

Heidi Van Horne 24" x 32" : $480

Velvet Kitten 24" x 32" : $480

Deluxe 20" x 44" : $780

Freedom 20" x 44" : $780

These are all digital prints on artist canvas. Using vector and photo software together with a pressure sensitive pen / tablet combo, the image is ‘drawn’ and ‘airbrushed’ as though it were on real canvas.